H323 alg

What is particularly important to understand about H.460.23 and H.460.24 is that the media strategy is worked out in advance of the call, thus reducing call establishment time and enabling H.323 devices to communicate from behind a NAT/FW device without the assistance of an ALG, media proxy, or other device in most cases. Hi, had a nightmare upgrade from 9.5 to 10.0R2 on SRX650's.. The H323 Alg which is on by default breaks Video Conferencing.. It all worked fine in 9.5, but in 10, its broken.. TAC suggested disabling the H322 Alg.. that fixed it, but then you have to ask what the point of having it there in the ... Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 8:02 Post subject: WRT54GL, DD-WRT, VoIP & ALG: Hello, I have a problem with my WRT54GL (with DD-WRT v24) : it disconnects all my VoIP calls after 5 minutes. I think it is a problem with the protocol SIP ALG. How can I disconnect the ALG on the WRT54GL? Thanks !! FPC When video conference system is in private network and customer want to configure it to be accessible from other video conference system in different LAN, NAT feature has been to enabled (in case that ALG is not supported in router/firewall. If ALG is supported, just enable ALG and do port mapping in router/firewall). Hell my firends,there is a setting on firewall seting that i could diseable H.323/SIP ALG transformation on Motorola Modem CPE,becuse of my H.323 remote extension works without voice outside on my office. Waiting to your reply, Thank in advance.