Snoogans strain

On Friday, in conjunction with Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Smith and Mewes were touting their newly created signature cannabis strains — Snoogans, Snoochie Boochies, and Berzerker — all references to Jay and Silent Bob slang.The Sleestack strain may not be menacing, but she definitely contains some alien DNA. The mother is Shrom, a cross of Colombian landrace strain called Santa Marta Gold and a Romulan indica. DNA got Shrom as a cutting from Northern California years ago. The Shrom has a satisfying yield and also a fuel haze taste that many cannabis users appreciate. Please do not confuse this strain with a Capri Sun. The Juice Boxxx strain, yes there are three X's at the end of that, is not something you can drink through a straw. Although, I'm sure some creative stoner could figure something out. Instead, it should best be consumed in a pipe, bong, or rolled up in a Fronto Wave tobacco leaf wrap.Sep 30, 2019 · Snoogans is a powerful indica with a ridiculous 42 percent THC that might be best enjoyed at home after the movie, while the Berserker is a hybrid strain that combines the best of both worlds. Initially available in dispensaries in California, Arizona, Michigan and Oklahoma, the strains are expected to get a wider release soon. This week, as scientists work through an exercise simulating an imminent asteroid impact with Earth, NASA's administrator Jim Bridenstine warned the real-world threat should be ta Jul 08, 2007 · New York Yankees blog with news, opinions and discussion about the 27 time World Champions