Jgoodies looks 2.4.1 jar

Maven artifact version com.jgoodies:jgoodies-binding:2.12.0 / JGoodies Binding / The JGoodies Binding library connects object properties to Swing user interface components. And it helps you represent the state and behavior of a presentation independently of the GUI components used in the interface. This document describes the API of the JGoodies Forms, a framework that helps you lay out and implement elegant Swing panels quickly and consistently. Forms makes simple things easy and the hard stuff possible, the good design easy and the bad difficult. Jun 09, 2014 · OBSOLTED BY CURRENT TV-BROWSER. JGoodies L&F TV-Browser Plugin is a plugin for the great EPG-software TV-Browser. This plugin allows to activate and configre the "JGoodies Looks" Look and Feels made availabe to the OS community by Karsten Lentzsch. For all other operating systems, just put “jcalendar.jar” and “jgoodies-looks-2.4.1.jar” (both in the lib directory of the distribution) in your class path and start Java to execute the com.toedter.calendar.JCalendarDemo class. Components The following table shows a list of used components (all Java Beans). The downloads are currently not available, because we consider a new licensing scheme for the JGoodies Common, Binding, Forms, Looks, and Validation. At the moment these libraries ship only with the commercial products, the JGoodies Swing Suite and the JGoodies Smart Client.