Swtor smuggler armor

Show me your coolest Smuggler or bounty hunter outfits! Question I'm looking for inspiration and I'd like to see what others have come up with for their roguish merc looks. Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) visual equipment database and character gallery. This might be a noob question but does anyone know what the armor from the smuggler armor progression trailer is called because I have done research and looked for it in-game but I cant find anything so any info on the armor that the gunslinger is wearing then that would be helpful SWTOR Best Solo Class Guide . Both the Empire and the Republic factions in SWTOR have strong solo classes, and there probably isn’t one class that is the best one. All classes can solo well with the right companions, but there are some classes that will fare better than others in solo situations. The Smuggler cuts a dashing figure through the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic as he (or she) smuggles goods planet-to-planet. Smugglers survive within the seedy belly of the underworld, staying a step ahead of the law and bounty hunters, all while helping those who have no one else to turn to. Medium armor is used by strong yet more agile of warriors. Medium armor provides a decent amount of protection, but not as much as the heavy armor but adds more stats. medium armor is used mostly by the jedi sentinel, sith marauder, trooper commando and bounty hunter mercenary.