How to grow vegetables

A garden this size is easy to water by hand and maintain. But make sure of the mature size of the vegetables you plant in a small garden. Take time to draw a simple birds eye view of your front yard vegetable garden. Best Vegetables for Indoor Gardening. You can grow anything indoors that you can grow outdoors if you can get the conditions right in terms of soil, lighting and watering. But the following list shows some of the best vegetables for indoor gardening, great plants to get started with. tomatoes (smaller varieties that won’t grow too large) lettuce Nov 30, 2017 · Root vegetables such as radishes, carrots and beets also grow well in pots that are deep enough, at least 12 inches deep so it will be better to choose large and deep containers for them. 7- Try Fruit Trees and Shrubs. Fruit trees, especially dwarf varieties, can also be grown in large pots and make beautiful statement pieces for a patio garden. Most vegetables need at least eight hours of direct sunlight. Plants that we grow for their leaves—including leafy greens such as lettuce, kale, chard, and spinach—and plants that we grow for their storage roots (such as radishes, turnips, and beets) can be grown in as little as six hours of sunlight but do much better with eight hours or more.